CEO Message

CEO Message

Since I co-founded Juelmin Insurance Services (JIS) back in 1991, the United Arab Emirates—the country we have called home for 25 years—has witnessed astounding growth and transformation, earning it a global reputation for excellence and innovation.

But over these years of unprecedentedgrowth and change, an unwavering constant has remained: the need for individuals and organisationsalike to protect the people and assets they cherish the most.

Just as this need has never faltered, nor has our dedication to meeting it. Since Juelmin’s establishment, we have acted as a trusted broker, providing comprehensive insurance and re-insurance servicesto a wide range of individual and corporate clients—and with our new state-of-the-art online system, our services have just become even better.

CEO Message
Taking the customer experience to a new level, Juelmin clients can now fulfil their insurance needs from start to finish using our easy and accessible automated platform.Both on- and offline, we understand that every person and every enterprise is different. From automotive and accident, to medical and marine, we go to great lengths to offertailor-made services that help protect our valued customers from the financial burden of the unforeseen. In our ever-changing world, we may not be able to predict the future, but Juelmin is there to help prepare for every eventuality.To do so requires experience, expertise and unrivalled insight. Our services are born from all three. They are also underpinned by solid values that I personally hold close to my heart. Having worked in the world of insurance and re-insurance for more than 30 years, I am a formidable industry veteran, but I am also a family man. As such, I understand that securing the right insurance both at home and at work is not just desirable, but a fundamental necessity.Sharing the same values, the entire Juelmin team is dedicated to helping secure the right insurance for your personal and professional life, so that you can get back to the most important thing: enjoying it.

Mohamed Saeed M. Hamdan

Managing Director