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Here are some of the questions that customers ask before selecting Juelmin Insurance Services as their broker of choice. If you do not find your question here or would like more details on one of the topics discussed below, then please get in touch and our friendly team will be happy to help.

At Juelmin, the right insurance plan is just a click away. The easy-to-use search function on our website allows you to compare policies and prices from a full range of companies. Once you have explored and compared the options available, you can purchase online at the touch of a button.

Alternatively, for those who prefer the human touch, our customer advisors and support team are just a phone call away: 800 JIS (457).

You can reach us by email and fax too: Fax:04-2673365 Email:info@juelmin.com

From motor and property, to marine and medical, Juelmin has it covered. For more than two decades, we have been successfully matching people and policies across sectors, industries and insurance types. Our comprehensive brokerage services cover all areas oflife insurance and general insurance policies. Click here for a full list of categories

With a multitude of companies offeringpolicies and products at different prices—and crucially, at different levels of protection—the world of insurance can be bewildering. For many customers, heading directly to a single insurance company might seem like the easiest way to navigate the industry, but in doing so, they run the risk of missing out on the best options available—not just in terms of cost, but coverage and expertise too.

An insurance company only offers you its own limited range of products. By contrast, an insurance broker works for you, scouring the products of multiple insurance companies to identify the best combination of coverage, price and service to meet your needs.

At Juelmin Insurance, we understand that many people have neither the knowhow nor the time to research the plethora of companies and policies that exist. That’s why our combination of experienced advisors and fully-automated system do the work for you.

With our newly-developed website search function and a support team providing round-the-clock assistance, we provide customers with a comprehensive selection of insurance options from reputable providers, all in one place. Our easy-to-use system allows price and policy comparison as well as online purchasing at the touch of a button.

Most importantly, our impartial services identify not just the right policy coverage, but the right company to meet your needs.

We charge a one-off fee of AED 25.00 to cover the administration and processing costs of each policy we issue. Aside from this, in line with UAE government regulations, it is the insurance company, not the customer, who is charged for our services.

This is not usually the case. Insurance companies have to pay in-house administration expenses, which are often passed on to their customers in the form of higher premiums or more costly policies. Brokers, meanwhile, are free to shop around on your behalf, and deliver the best possible price for the coverage you need.

Provided there are no restrictions in place, we are happy to work with any company of your choosing. If the company in question is an insurance firm, they may require a letter of authorization signed by you, stating that you permit Juelmin Insurance to act as your broker.

As an insurance broker approved by the UAE Ministry of Economy, we are authorized to deal with all reputable insurance companies operating in the UAE market. Where specialized policies are not available from local providers, we leverage our international relationships and resources to provide every one of our customers with peace of mind and the right coverage to suit their needs.

With more than 25 years of industry knowledge and expertise, our experienced team can examine existing insurance policies and identify areas that can be improved or amended. Our experts can highlight gaps in your coverage which you may not be aware of, and explore options that could reduce premiums and save you money.

The Department Policy Administrator at Juelmin Insurance will assist our respective clients with any of their cash claims settlement and insurance approvals.

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